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    Kiev Temple

    There was a small break between the BYU students leaving Jerusalem and the new group arriving, so we flew Kiev for a few days.  It was great getting back to the temple again. Many of our members in the district are from the Ukraine.  They leave their beautiful home land because wages are low, and work is hard to find. They work hard in Israel and send what money they can back to their family in the Ukraine.     The temple was always busy.  A large group of youth from Rostov were at the temple attending a stake youth conference. It was just like being home. …well, all most.…

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    Sahar Qumsiyeh

    Sahar is from Bethlehem.  She is a Palestinian lady who joined the Church and found peace despite intense conflicts and hardship. Her story is published in Peace for a Palestinian: One Woman’s Story of Faith amidst War in the Holy Land. Sahar returned to visit her family and to attend Church August 2019 Sahar is in the middle of the picture.  Here is a brief overview Received BYU Jerusalem Center scholarship to BYU. Baptized Feb 4, 1996 Attended the temple in August 1997 Received her PhD in mathematics from Turkey University 2007 Helped establish the Bethlehem Branch in 2008 Served as Jerusalem District relief society president 2011 Served in the…

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    In 2007 Elder Holland dedicated the Tiberias Chapel over looking he Sea of Galilee with a challenge for all to rededicate out lives. Friday night, August 9, 2019, we invited the care givers that are working nearby to join us at the Tiberias chapel for a light dinner and social. We were grateful for the large number who attended. It is never easy to find the time or the transportation to attend an event while serving as a care giver. The employment is demanding and continuous.  But, somehow, these faithful members were able to find a way to attend.  After dinner, we met in the chapel overlooking the Sea of…

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    Ramsia’s School

    You can not go to Ramsia’s house with out being fed. She has 1000 projects to help the poor and you leave her home filled with admiration and gratitude for this Palestinian Mother Teresa.  One project is to help dyslexic children with behavioral problems. She and her friend acquired a home, converted it into a school, and now cares for 35 children.  Margaret wanted to help so she talked to the director of humanitarian services at the BYU Jerusalem Center and he donated 50 school packets. The BYU students assemble the packets as a service project.

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    This is Masha.  A faithful, returned missionary, living in Dimona, doing her best to get enough money to take care of herself.  She has one day off a week.  Without an assignment, or being asked, she takes the few sheckles she has saved, rides the bus to Be’er Sheva, an hour away from her home, and visits this elderly sister who has just arrived from Russia. The sister from Russia is blind, has very little money, and speaks only Russian. She is uncertain about her surrounding, her future, and she has no family to help her.  You can image the relief and joy that she felt last Wednesday morning when…

  • Historic Sites

    Mount Carmel

    We don’t know much about Elijah.  He was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom during the reign of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel, the Phoenician princess. You remember the story. Jezebel persuaded King Ahab to worship her god, Baal.  Elijah challenges the priests of Baal to call down lightning to burn a sacrifice and they fail. Elijah calls down fire from heaven and everything is completely consumed! The talk that Elder Christopher gave in Conference  2018 is worth reading again. When the people had come together, Elijah said unto them, “How long halt ye between two opinions? [or in other words, “When will you decide once and for all?”]…

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    Caesarea Philippi

    Augustus Caesar gave the district of Panias (north of the Sea of Galilee) to Herod the Great in 20 BC.  Later, Herod the Great gave the district to his son, Philip.  Philip built the capital of his district here and called it Caesarea Philippi to honor himself as well as the Emperor.   The site is located at the base of Mount Hermon and is one of the three main sources of water that forms the Jordan River. Perhaps it is because of the pure water that begins at this location, the Savior invited the apostles to go with him to Caesarea Philippi. And in this beautiful setting, he asked…

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    Menorah and Medusa

    Chorazin- North of the Sea of Galilee What is the “seat of Moses”?  Who is Medusa?  Both were found in the synagogue in Chorazin. Chorazin is a city north of the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus visited this city and performed many mighty works, but none were recorded.  In fact, he said that if the same mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon, the people in Tyre and Sidon would have repented. Chorazin is one of the 3 cities that he cursed because of their unbelief.  Matthew 11:21-22 The seat of Moses is where the priests would sit to show how important they were as they delivered their sermons.…

  • Local Culture

    Church in Bethlehem

    We attended church today in Bethlehem.  The little girl in this picture is 7 year old Miriam, daughter of Mohammed and our designated photographer.  I told her about Grandma Gretchen being baptized in the freezing water and how her hair froze solid.  I think Miriam is hoping for the Jordan River. During the 2nd hour, we talked about family history. Ohday, with the green shirt on the left, said his family moved to Bethlehem 800 years ago.  Mohammed, with he blue shirt, is rather new to the area. His family moved to Bethlehem 250 years ago. Both of the brothers have tons of family records and, none of their names…

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    Missionary John A. Clark

    Ezra Clark and his wife, from Farmington Utah, said good bye to their 23-year-old son as he left for Haifa in the Holy Land.  John had been studying at BYU and accepted the call to serve a mission. He died in Haifa shortly before his 24th birthday of small pox. Two years before the death of John, another missionary died of typhus fever after serving just over a month in Haifa. This young missionary, Adolph Haag, a 27 year old husband and father died in 1892. When John Clark died, the mission president Edward William Robinson purchased two headstones for the two missionaries and they are located on their graves…