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Monastery of St George

Around 480 AD, a monastery was built here in the Wadi Quilt.    This wadi, or canyon, is located about 30 minutes west of Jerusalem on the way to Jericho.
There seems to be a legend behind every monastery and this location is no exception. 
The first tradition  is that Elijah stayed here on his way to Sinai for  3 years and 6 months and was fed by ravens.  
The second tradition is that it was here that the father of the Virgin Mary, Joachim, was praying for his wife, Ann, when an angle appeared and told him that Ann was expecting a child. 
It was plenty warm:  107 degrees.  No one was brave enough to ride a donkey so we all walked. Check out Daniel’s hat that he let me borrow for a few days, 3 years ago.   
On the way to the monetary, you can see the aqua duct, originally built by the Romans to transfer water from the springs located further up the wadi to Jericho, below. 
Over the years, hermits and others seeking protection lived in the many caves found in this canyon.
The St. George Monastery is owned and operated by the Greek Orthodox Church, as are many of the historic Christian sites in Jerusalem.  The Greek Orthodox Church is the largest land owner of all the churches in Jerusalem.


Here are some good questions:
What do the symbols on the door represent? 
How are the teaching of the  Orthodox Church different from other Christian churches?  
How are they similar to the Church of Jesus Christ?


  • Lisa Brown

    Mom – I see you are wearing your hat from Australia! I still wear mine as well! Dad – I forgot about that hat and I am sure Daniel did as well, haha! You are definitely putting it to better use.

    The aqua duct systems are truly remarkable. I just watched a National Geographic documentary on Petra. How they built their aqua duct system was amazing….my brain could barely keep up!

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