Tiberias Chapel

Thursday morning we got up early to clean the Tiberias chapel and yard.  There is a paid gardener but there was still a lot of work to do and, actually, it felt great to be able to so some yard work. 
We wanted the yard and chapel to look good because we had invited a  number of the local members to come for an evening meal and social.  The chapel was closed about 2 years ago because many of the members had moved near Haifa.
Margaret fixed another one of her great dinners and it was enjoyable to just chat and enjoy each other company.
Another reason we wanted to clean up the yard and chapel is because one of the branches was planning on baptizing a young lady the next day, Friday, in the River Jordan.
The branch president and his wife and their baby, Walter, along with the young lady being baptized drove for 5 hours for the baptism. (It was 106 degrees Fahrenheit) 
After the baptism, we invited those who attended the baptism to come to the chapel for a talk on the Holy Ghost, the  confirmation, and a luncheon before they headed home. 
As a side note, we received a call from a couple who were staying for two  in a home near Tiberias and they wanted to attend Church. I told them about the baptism the next day in Tiberias and they asked to attend.  They arrived early in the morning, so we drove them over to Capernum before the baptism.  
They are professional dog sitters. This is their 35 trip abroad to sit with a family’s dogs while the family is on vacation. The picture of them includes 3 stuffed dogs that have been with them on all 35 sorties. 
This is a must, to get the full story of this blog, read Margaret’s 29 June 2019 family letter.  
Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Tel Aviv to attend sacrament meeting. They were not expecting us but it turned out to be a morning of miracles.  One of the families that we wanted to meet at the social Thursday night wasn’t able to join us but they did come to Church and we had a chance to meet them.  I was able to sign 4 temple recommends, and we had 4 people request their patriarchal blessing.  
All four recommends were given to members who speak only Russian and Hebrew.
We also were able to say good bye to Paul Mendenhall’s nephew and his son Benjamin. Eric Mendenhall works for the state department and he and his family are moving to Mongolia. Actually, his wife left with the younger children a month ago. How would like to move to Mongolia by your self? These families are faithful and tough. 
If you squint and look carefully, you can see the chapel on the other side of the sea.  


  • Uncle Rick Lifferth

    Thank you for sharing. The stories are very interesting and uplifting. I wonder what it would be like for Kathy to move our family to Mongolia without me? I have no doubt that she could do it but it might take a few lifetimes for her to forget it and not remind me of what I made her do.
    Interesting how the Lord put Dennis there to give Patriarchal blessings to the gospel pioneers in that part of the world. Dennis, do you have language cards that the members could read along as you gave the temple recommend questions?

    • admin

      Thanks Rick for the note. Moving to Mongolia alone would really be tough. Two things – when I do a temple recommend in another language, like Russian, I have a card and just point to the question and listen for Da or Net. ( We learned how to do this Saturday night, right?). And, I am not authorized to give patriarchal blessings here except to my grand children, and even then, I have to write for permission. There is patriarch assigned to this area and I think he lives in Dubai. When we 3 or 4 lined up, he will fly here and do the honors.

    • admin

      Hi Jennie. You are right. The best part of the blog are Margaret’s letters. I will send you a copy of her comments. Hope you and Cory are doing well. Cheers.

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