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Changing of the Guard

The last several weeks we have made changes in leadership in several of the units. Every change is a reminder of how faithful and gifted these leaders are. 
About 50% of the members of the Church in Israel are expats who work for various government embassies or corporations. They stay in Israel for 2 to 3 years, accept church callings,  and then they are transferred. About 25 % of the members are caregivers who move to Israel from the Philippines, Russia, etc,and stay for about 10 years. The remaining 25 % are long time residents. 

Erich, shown on the right, was recently called as the group leader in Haifa. He is a long time resident of Israel, speaks fluent Hebrew, and has a PhD in engineering.  
He also translates English scriptures into Hebrew. He has written over 4000 pages of detailed and disciplined translations. One of his pages is below.

The Haifa group meets in the old Colonial Hotel (on the left). The hotel is located next to the mission home that operated in the early 1900 in Haifa. 

Sunday we sustained Mark as branch President of the Bethlehem Branch (standing on the  left). He and his wife  will be outstanding.  As a couple they also manage all of the humanitarian work that his done by the Church and BYU in Israel. Mark speaks Arabic which is the main language in Bethlehem. 
We released President Loren who has served faithfully for the past year. He is completing his course work at Hebrew University and he and his wife will soon return home in Hurricane, Utah.  Tina has worked very hard to help others in the branch to  become self-reliant through many creative ways. We are grateful for their wonderful service. 

By the way, do you still want to learn Hebrew? Click here.

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