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There is one over-riding challenge for members in Israel: Transportation!  Members want to attend church on the Sabbath but few have cars and the transportation system is shut down on the Sabbath. 
This Wednesday and Thursday we drove to Nazareth, Tiberius, and Haifa to meet with members who are not able to attend church.
Finding where they live is the first miracle.  Actually getting to their homes is the second miracle.  And the third miracle,  and by far the largest and most significant, is their lives of faith and hard work.  
Jayson is helping to care for an elderly gentleman in Nazareth. Before moving to Israel, he was raised in the Philippines, served a mission, received his bachelors degree in computer science, and is doing his best to be faithful. 
He hasn’t had a day off for 2 months. We administered the sacrament and left a blessing. Jayson hopes to return to his home in a few more yeas. 




The Gutmans also live near Nazareth and have lived her and raised their family for 30 years.  Originally they came from Mexico.
They speak Spanish and Hebrew but not English so we called a faculty member at the BYU Center, Shon Hopkins, and he translated for us on the phone.  Faithful and hard working and fun to talk to.










Ramzia lives east of Haifa in a very hilly Palestinian area with narrow streets that should be one way only, crowed with  people, cars, and trucks.  This is one of the miracles that helped us find her and her family. 
She works each week-end in Jordan providing humanitarian help to school children. She wrote the book that Margaret is holding and she gave us a copy to share with our grandchildren.




The luncheon she provided was absolutely wonderful. It took Margaret 10 minutes to write down all of the special spices she used for this “upside-down” meal. 





We were also able to visit Sister Spencer again who lives about an hour north of Galilee.  Last February, Elder Bednar was here and he recorded a blessing for Sister Spencer.  The last time we were with her, she asked if I could find the recording and transcribe it for her so that she could read it again.  
The morning of our visit, I received a video copy of the blessings and was able to transcribe it in time to give it to her during our visit. We were also able to give her the sacrament.  She is the oldest living member of the church in Israel.


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  • Mila Cutler

    I remember meeting the Guzmans when were attended sacrament meeting at BYU Jerusalem Center. Chris and I were on a tour and I had noticed that they were wearing headphones during the meeting. I thought they were interpreting the meeting to Arabic. I was so surprised to hear them speak Spanish. We had a wonderful conversation. I was actually surprised at how many people I met in Israel that spoke Spanish. What wonderful memories.

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