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Chronological Overview of the Holy Land – Latter Days

It is easy to lose track of historical documents and treasured events.  By chance, I found this beautify poem by Eliza R. Snow that she wrote after her visit to the Sea of Galilee. 
Her book of poems can be found at this link: https://archive.org/details/poemsreligioushi02snow/page/n5
At the Sea of Galilee
 I have stood on the shore of the beautiful sea,
The renowned and immortalized Galilee,
When t’was wrapp’d in repose, at eventide
Like a royal queen in her conscious pride.
No sound was astir – not a murmuring wave-
Not a motion was see, but the tremulous lave,
A gentle heave of the water’s crest-
As the infant breathes on a mother’s breast.
I thought of the present- the past: it seemed
That the silent Sea, with instruction teem’d;
For often, indeed, the heart can hear
What never, in sound has approached the ear.
Full oft has silence been richly fraught
With treasures of wisdom, and stores of thought,
With sacred, heavenly whisperings, too,
That are sweeter than roses and honey dew.
There’s a depth in the soul, that’s beyond the reach
Of all earthly sound-of all human speech,
A fiber too sacred and pure, to chime
With the cold dull music of Earth and Time.
“Tis the heart’s receptacle, the nought can supply,
But the streams that flow from the fount on high.
An instinct divine of immortal worth,
An inherited gift, through primeval birth.
Again when he shades of night, were gone,
In the clear, bright rays of the morning dawn,
I walked on the bank of this selfsame Sea,
Where once, our Redeemer was wont to be.
Where, “Lord save, or I perish,” was Peter’s prayer,
Befitting the weak and the faithless elsewhere.
And here while admiring this Scriptural Sea,
Th’bold vista of Time, brought th’ past up to me;
Embos’d with events when the Prince of Life,
Endured this world’s hatred-its envy and strife;
When, in Him, the Omnipotent was revealed,
And, by Him, the wide breach of the law, was healed.
The gates, He unbarred, and led the way,
Through the shadow of death to the courts of day:
And “led captivity captive,” when
“He ascended on high and gave gifts unto men.”
Damascus, Syria, March 1873.
Poems, 1877 by Eliza R. Snow
Elder Orson Hyde dedicated this land in 1841.  Since then, there have been many historic visits and events in this dispensation.  This is an attempt to list some of the events and hopefully, over time, more important dates will be added. At least it is a start. 

Overview of Important Events in the Holy Land - Latter Days

1841JerusalemDedicatory PrayerOrson Hyde offers dedicatory prayer. First apostle since days of old.
20 Oct 1844JerusalemDedicationApostle Orson Hyde lands at the port of Jaffo, rents a horse, and travels to Jerusalem.
22 Sep 1866JaffoGerman ColonyA messianic christian group from Maine USA, led by an excommunicated LDS Apostle, Ostel George Adams, lands at Jaffo, buys land, and founds the Armenisan Cololny. Latter called the German Colony, 150 yards from the prestn branch house of today. 
1872Holy LandVisitSummary of visit by Michael Hansen

Poem: Galilee by Eliza R. Snow


Oct 1872Holy Land 8  members and Dedicatory PrayerPresident Brigham Young assigned his first counselor, Geoerge A. Smith and 7 other to visit the Holy Land  https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/teachings-of-presidents-of-the-church-lorenzo-snow/chapter-24-reflections-on-the-mission-of-jesus-christ?lang=eng
12-Sep-1981HaifaHaifa groupDistrict president David Galbraith proposed the Haifa group. Lasted 2 years
18 Sep 1882JerusalemBranch DedicationBranch site dedicated by branch president Dan Rona. Basement of Swedish consulate. First dedicated site for a branch.
29 Aug 1886HaifaFirst BaptismJ. Grau, first baptism in Holy Land, Haifa.
First Branch in the Holy Land
21 Sep 1889JaffoBaptismsTurkish missionaries working in Jaffo baptized the first 2 Arab, non-European members 
3 Oct 1892IsraelMissionariesTurkish missionaries, Adolph Hagg dies of typhoid fever and  buried in Haifa. LDS sisters cared for him at great risk to their own families
1-Oct-1909IsraelClosing missionPresident J.W. Booth and missionaries of the Turkish mission were released and sent home because of the war.
14-Sep-21IsraelMission PresidentJ.W. Booth set apart as Armenian mission president
2-Nov-1921JerusalemTourElder D. O. McKay confronts his Christian Arab guide, Michael who demeans the Jews and their effort to establish a gathering place for the Jews. President McKay prophesizes to him.
3-Nov-1921JerusalemMt of OlivesElders McKay and Cannon offer a prayer on the Mt. of Olives.
4-Nov-1921HaifaMiracleApostles McKay and Cannon meet the Armenian Mission President, President Booth, at the Haifa train station unexpectedly, and give him the money collected by the saints to support the LDS Armenian refugees.
6-Nov-1921HaifaMissionElders McKay and Cannon change the name of the Turkish mission to the Armenian Mission. 
11-Oct-1927IsraelMissionary workApostle Talmage in Haifa told Pres. Booth of the Armenian mission, to discontinue trying to establish a “Mormon Colony” in Palestine or the Holy Land
18-Oct-1927HaifaMission homeApostle Talmage offers a dedicatory prayer on the summit of Mt. Carmel. Found the Tayh house for a new Armenian mission home. (Allenby and Camel (Ben-Gurion)
28-Oct-1958Holy LandTourPresident and Sister Lee tour the Holy Land
1967  Sister M. Spencer moves to Israel and provides support during 1967 war. 
1972JerusalemFirst BranchHarold B. Lee, First prophet to visit Jerusalem in our dispensation. Organized the first branch at the Garden Tomb, David B. Galbraith
1973IsraelMember HistoryMichael Hansen moved to Israel with his parents and 3 brothers. Later married to  Ann
6-Oct-1973IsraelYom Kippur WarAirriad sirens in the Galilee pan handle and Golan, alert Galilee LDS, the Yom Kippur war began. 3 families evacuated. One sister treated for wounds in hospital.
7-Oct-1973IsraelYom Kippur WarBYU students sent to Austria. J. Narkin, LDS, served in Sinai. 
7-Oct-1973JerusalemSabbath DayJerusalem branch president wrote to First Presidency for permission to hold Church on Saturday
9/13/1947IsraelPalestinePres. Badwagon Piranian called to be Palestine-Syrian Miss. President
2-Sep-1974JerusalemMember HistoryDan Rona family from St. Louis Mo. Moves to Jerusalem
25-Sep-1976TiberiasGalilee BranchGalilee dependent branch at kibbutz Degania Aleph with 26 members. First since time of Jesus in Galilee. Marlin Hansen called as Branch President until 1980
16-Oct-1976IsraelMissionary workThe Jerusalem branch president sent a request to the missionary department to send full time church representatives to Israel
8-Nov-1976JerusalemDistrict PresidentIvan Barrett wrote to D.B. Galbraith, Jerusalem Branch President, to say that the First Presidency had called him (Brother Barrett)  to serve as the district president in Israel. Brother Galbraith wrote back a few days later and said that “this is one of the most significant steps in the restoratin of all things in the last days.”
1977JerusalemFirst DistsrictFirst District was organized in the Vienna hotel, Wadi Joz with Ivan J. Barret president, Daniel Rona first counselor and Mark Gomm second counselor.President Monson addressed members of the district including 59 students
1977JerusalemFirst PatriarchPresident Barrett authorized as the first patriarch
1977JerusalemRegistrationChurch organized legally in Israel as a non profit charitable organization (Amutah)
1979BYU CenterApproval

President Spencer W. Kimball announces the building of the BYU Jerusalem Center by Kent P. Jackson https://rsc.byu.edu/missionarys-story/haifa-byu-jerusalem-center

14-Sep-78IsraelPublic AffairsIsrael Relief Society present a silk quilt to wife of Pres. Richard M. Nixon
24-Oct-1979JerusalemOrson Hyde President S. W. Kimball dedicates the Orson Hyde Garden on the Mt. of Olives.
6-Sep-1980TiberiasGalilee BranchOrganized as an independent branch with Wayne Ottley as branch president
1-Sep-1983IsraelmissionaryElder Suheil Abu Hadid, first Arhab Christian to serve a mission. Served in Salt Lake South Mission. Ehab abu Nuwara, was the 2nd missionary and served in the UK
5   Sep. 1987BYU CenterFirst Meeting First Jerusalem Branch meeting and the first district Conference meeting held in the BYU Jerusalem Center with President Faust and Elder Holland. Discussed the new BYU center.
1988IsraelMember HistoryWilson family moves to Israel.  Substantial translation and reconciliation of church scriptures and hymns into Hebrew. 
18-May-1988IsraelPolicyNo Proselyting. No teaching  Letter by Elder Howard W. Hunter
1-Oct-1989JerusalemBranch divisionThe Jerusalem branch was reorganized as the BYU student branch and the Family branch.
6-Dec-1991IsraelPolicyHebrew in Church meetings
1993IsraelPolicyBaptism Prayer and Hymns in Hebrew
22-Sep-1993IsraelPolicyHebrew in Church meetings
5-Jan-2005IsraelPolicyRegistering Church as Amutah: 1977, 1980, 2003, 2005
2007GalileeDedicationDedication of the Galilee Meeting house by Elder Holland.
18-Aug-2007IsraelPolicyTransportation of members. Changed in 2015
16-Aug-2011Tel AvivHistoryTel Aviv Branch dedicated by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
25-Feb-2011 PolicyWho can attend Church
30-Mar-2011IsraelPolicyNo Proselyting. No teaching 
25-Feb-2011IsraelPolicyNon-members attending Church meetings
22-Oct-2016JerusalemOrson Hyde Elder Holland and others hold an Orson Hyde Prayer commemoration service at the BYU Center on Mt. Scopus
2018JerusalemProphet Visit

President Russell M. Nelson visits Jerusalem and shares his testimony


11-Oct-2019IsraelPolicy Summary of current Policies

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