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Our Own Fun for Less with Lisa and Kristine

It was like Christmas morning. Lisa and Kristine surprised us with a visit and we spend 7 terrifically fun days.  
It turned out to be a blessing in many ways because Margaret’s brother Phil Swensen, passed away unexpectedly and Margaret was able to fly home with Lisa and Kristine to attend the funeral.
Here is a summary, by day, of the fun we had!
Friday 19 Aug 2019: 
Straight from the airport to the Western Wall to welcome the Sabbath.  Then unpack and go to bed after a long flight!
Saturday 31 August 2019
Attended Church at the BYU Center and then a visit to the Garden Tomb where a most gracious volunteer from South Korea shared her very sincere  testimony of the reality of the resurrection with us.  And, then, on to the
Holy Sepulchre with a blessing from His Beatitude,
the Garden of Gethsemane,
Orson Hyde Memorial,
and then back to the Center by the Olive Press. Long day. 
Sunday 1 September 2019
Breakfast on the balcony and then on to Bethlehem with a final stop at Jimmy’s Bazaar.


Monday 2 September 2019
We drove from Jerusalem through Jericho and stopped at the River Jordan on the way to Tiberius.
In Tiberius we visited:
Mt. of Beatitudes
and Magdala.


  • Lisa Brown

    Honestly – what a perfect trip! I think you and Mom need to go into the travel business. You were the perfect host. And we saw A LOT! I could barely keep up with you. Such a treasured memory. Love you!

  • Kristine Eccles

    It was the trip of a lifetime to spend those days in Isreal with you both. Wish I was there right now. Thank you for everything. Love you both!

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