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District Conference

We were all very pleased with how district conference turned out. We had a little over 200 members attend conference plus several bus loads of tourists.  We provided translation for Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.  We tried to stream the conference to about 40  members who could not attend because of employment or health.
The music and talks were all exceptional.  Liza, a young lady that was baptized about 8 months ago spoke and reported how much she loved meeting new friends on the recent youth conference and she ended bearing her testimony. It was inspiring to all.  Basically, she only speaks Hebrew, so we asked Raquel Wilson, our newly called sister missionary, to translate for her.
The lunch between sessions couldn’t have been better. The BYU Center helped with the food and it was delicious. The youth who attended Lehi Trek met in a separate room and watched a YouTube video that James Howell put together.  It is fun to watch if you have a minute.
The Sisters from Be’er Sheva. 
During the second session of conference we invited all the members to attend. We showed President Nelson’s introductory remarks to the new Children and Youth program and then asked several members to talk about how they are adapting Come Follow Me for their families.  Those we invited included Sister Quffa, a member of the Church living in Ramallah who cannot leave the West Bank to attend Church. She participated via video. We also included Sister Tat’iana Fedas, a sister with two small children and a non-member husband; Sister Rosemary, a Filipino caregiver who does Come Follow Me via facetime with her daughter living in the Philippines; a student from the Jerusalem Center, and others from the district who exemplify the diversity and faith of our members.
At the end of our second session, the primary children sang the closing hymn.  They were the featured guests of conference!
The week before District Conference we had the opportunity of attending and speaking at Victoria’s baptism in the Jordan River.  Afterwards, we came back to their apartment and had cinemon rolls.
Later that evening, after the baptism, we held a special fireside. Elder John Groberg and his wife were visiting in Jerusalem and we invited them to talk about his new movie and then show  the movie in the BYU forum.  Before he showed the movie, Jenny Oaks Baker and her family shared several beautiful numbers with us. It was a wonderful evening.
Our district conference came at the end of the Jewish High Holidays. Sukkot, Feast of the Booths or Tabernacles, started on Sunday October 13 and ended on Sunday October 20. 


  • Vicky Johnson

    Hello from Centerville! Don finished raking the leaves yesterday. Sat behind Kate and Ryan in church today. They are so cute. Stacey Shelton’s father passed away. Gloria Whipple is in a care center. The Lakes moved into the Chamberlain’s home. We are doing well . Love to you both!

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